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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From : Your Loving Wife


The Dearest Husband

I am writing something right now in train. Because if I will try later may be I can’t write it in the same way.

Its now 5 Months and 10 days and its your birth day today. You could have enjoyed very much in Tikamgarh with all, but still only b/c of my wish you came to Jhansi. I didn’t give you any gift. I know everybody expects. If I place myself in your place. I could have expected much more. And what I did for you?? Nothing..

I am realizing each and every day.. that I am not worth you. Isn’t it right? You are so hardworking, generous, open hearted and I am not. Just now I was thinking why I am so??

You know I am care less, self oriented kind of girl, that is what I have known about me in last 10 months after meeting you. I don’t have the quality of hiding my emotions. My mood goes off, when you give importance to others more than me, especially to girls. Yes, Yes !! I am jealous. But I can’t help it. May be because I had seen so many dreams of my dream boy and I got that. It happens so rarely. Isn’t it? I don’t want to loose you. It may sound so filmy, but that’s the truth.

When ever you become angry on me, that is the worst time for me. I always try to ask you if I have done something wrong , when ever I feel there is a chance. But some times I do things unknowingly and even if I tell you that I didn’t do that knowingly, you won’t believe me. And I cant do any thing to make you believe that. I don’t know what exactly to do at times, how to talk? What to talk? I have always asked you to tell me and I will do. But don’t be angry on me. That is all what I can say.

I am trying to be worth you. But please share things with me. Don’t have things in your heart. There were so many things I wanted to tell you. But not able to remember what were they? What I can ask is just to trust me. I will be what you want me to be. But give me some time.

How can I be happy without you?? I am happy only b/c of you. You gave me chance to live my childhood again. I did so many things in last 5 months for which I wished for my last 22 years. I am so thankful to you. I want you to be happy too. But I am ……


Your loving wife


Timeless Memories - My Bygone ! said...

Ah... loved it.. very emotional letter.. n sweet one too..

जितेन्द्र ‘जौहर’ Jitendra Jauhar said...

Oh...my God...What a sin I have done! A great mistake on my part to read a wife's letter which was written for her husband...!


Don Carlo said...

Letter from wife was written for her husband, yes. However, it was posted here for whoever needed to read and be helped by those words

Low self-esteem is on the other side of the mountain from--and is as defective as--Pride. My opinion.


संगम Karmyogi said...

Love is essence, sometimes we forget this..but its much better to come back with more intensed love than devloping distances.
Great gesture!


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