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Thursday, July 26, 2012


I might be or should I say, I am the happiest wife having a husband who is almost perfect when compared with the husbands of my other friends. He does everything for me, helps me in household work, in cooking, washing, supports me, encourages me to do and learn new things, appreciates my good work, guides me whenever I am wrong and the list goes on.

Whenever I discuss with my friends, they tell their hubby don’t like to do this or that, Or don’t like her doing certain things. But I don’t think I need to compromise anything because my hubby allows me to do whatever I want. In the end of the discussion, My hubby is the best always.

But, Did you notice the word “ALLOWED”.

Why allowed? Am I his property? Am I his servant? No.. Then the word should not be allowed, then what it should be?

I hope many of you being a girl/Lady must have felt that even if your hubbies are world’s best husband, but at some point of time they are only Man & you are Woman. And because they are man, they are superior (that’s what they think & somewhere we also believe this to be true), you have to do certain things which they want you to do. (Doesn’t matter you want to do or not)(Not necessarily always, but most of the times.)

I am not sure, how many of you have heard this from your husband..

Be in your limits.”

I have given you so much freedom.”  And blah blah stuff like that.

Did you ever think, who are they to give us freedom? (obviously in indian culture “pati to parmeshwar hota hai”). But do we at any occasion say these stupid sentences to them?

Not really..  (Why? Because we ourselves think they are superior and they are supposed to take all the decisions not you.) (Might not be 100% true). We just listen, feel hurt and leave/ forget it.

If your husband slaps you (I hope it never happened with you), you feel hurt but later you forget it because you don’t take it on your ego. But if by chance vice-versa happens, then What?? All world goes upside down.

When we talk about India, girls are supposed to do so many things, but what about boys? No expectations from them? I am not saying that boys don’t do any work or they don’t help us. Of course they do. But….

If a girl does those things, it was expected from her and if a boy does the same thing, he has done a great job. (Here, I am talking about working ladies specifically.) Don’t  we want to be appreciated if we cook one time meal? But we ourselves think that we are born to do this.

Whenever we discuss about our hubbies and if someone says that my husband helps me a lot or he does this or that for me. We all say “ what a husband”.  But what if a boys says same thing about his wife in his group. Do they also appreciate it the same way as we do? NO…

Similarly, when it comes to in-laws or our own parents, they rarely tell you how much you do for them. Your parents only will praise their son-in-law if he does some work and if you do the same work. Do you get the same appreciation from them? NO…

There must be thousands of examples for this. But why am I writing this? To show how much are we exploited? Or we are not given equality? No, none of these is the reason.

My main motto to write this was, whatever a man shows or even if he changes and start doing everything we do or start giving you the same respect and same value what he expects for himself. The feeling of being him a man, a superior person will always be there. Somewhere deep down in their hearts and time to time we will keep on feeling the same.


Yes, that’s true. I am not asking to start a fight against men. What I want to say is start feeling that you are no less than a boy. We all know that, but we never feel that. We are equal and whatever we do, we should not allow others to take it as granted and don’t let them feel that we are made to do this only.

I am not sure, How to end this. I didn’t want to blame man as they are not only the culprits. We are. Because we gave them a chance to be superior to us.

That’s it. I hope, it was not that much boring..



yes men will be.....
better not mess with'em


Saru Singhal said...

It's all in our upbringing dear. We are programmed to accept them superior and it's high time we should change.

Ire said...

Have you ever thought of it this way - "women will be women!" Sadly our upbringing helps us think they way we do!

Noopur said...

Men will be men... :D


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