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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Call..

Hi dear, goodmorning.
Goodmorning. (feeling heavy headed)
I don’t want to go office. Why I have to go daily.  L
Then I reach office and no work. What to do now. No work but I have to stay in office. This is not fair.
Mood again went off. L
Started reading some official document  (OMG! So boring, Now what to do? )
Oh yes.. lets read few blog posts of my friends..
Few stories .. few poems.. few thoughts..
Started going back to old days.. my beautiful college days..
Some beautiful moments of that someone special.. 
No.. No .. No… I shouldn’t ever think about him..  that’s not right..
I hate him.. I don’t like him.. but.. I want to hear his voice..
Oh.. what to do now.. feeling more low..
What happened Sargam??.. Are you not feeling well?..
Oh.. !! no nothing.. just a lil headache..
Why.. why.. I want to hear him.. No , No , No.. I wont call him.. No .. Never..

Comes back to home..
Can’t resist herself.. Picks up the phone and dials..
Oh.. good.. I don’t want to talk to him.. (thoghts: I will try once more, If he picks then I will talk otherwise won’t call him back.)
This time.. 
Hello.. (she feels soothing.. Like some has poured cold water on burning heart..)
Hey hi..
Hello.. who is this? (He don’t even remember her voice, feels heartbroken) L
Hello.. are you able to listen me?
Oh.. Hey Sargam.. (wow.. he remembers me.. smiles)
How r you?
M fine..
Can I call you back in next one hour.. I am lil busy now..
Ok that’s fine..

Wow.. Now I will not talk to him again.. Not even call him back..  Just wanted to hear that voice. That’s it..  (lost in thoughts.. )
Sargam.. Sargam..   Your phone is ringing..
All smiles.. All headache gone..  World is beautiful now.. J


sumukh bansal said...

very well expressed ...
nice read..

Noopur said...

Expressed in its depth...
Thanx for landing in my world :)
Come again . . .

A grain of sand said...

Oh that feeling of longing and desperation. :-)

Saru Singhal said...

There is a different kind of fun in this...Isn't it?

Saumya said...

oh gosh...lovely...happens....so real it is...could relate to it :)

thanks for being on my blog :)

Gaurav Bahare said...

Every one's feeling is expressed

Gaurav Bahare said...

everyone will feel, its like there experiance ...


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