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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Two friends on the terrace at around 12 in night. A beautiful view of charismatic sky with lots of lovely twinkling stars and crescent glaring moon. Some small clouds playing hide and seek, making view so blissful that both galz started pondering over their dream world and moreover about their dream boy.

Tanvi : Hey! Anamika, how would it feel like having dinner with my dream man at one of the beautiful beach of Goa with this kind of celestial bodies flaring around?

Anamika : hey! That’s great. You know what I dream about……. Ummm… Minimum 5’10” height, Muscular built, Whitish color, A little curly short hairs, Strong face with sharp nose, Green attractive eyes, in white shirt and plain blue jeans. A total tough man with soft heart.

Tanvi : Wow, you are too close. Huh… Just some more facial features and you can draw his pic. But there is a contradiction. A tough man with soft heart?? He must come from another world. You know you can’t get a perfect man on this earth. It’s a kind of making juggle around you.

Anamika : Oh really!! Don’t try to lull me. I still believe I can get one. (lolz)

Tanvi : May god bless you. I don’t have any problem attending your marriage after 15-20 years. By the way have you ever given it a thought: Why girls think of a superman or a superior man in their life??

Anamika : What’s new in that? Every one dreams of getting best in their lives.

Tanvi : Yaa that’s true. But still, what my perception is- boyz of course dream of a woman with good body, features and beauty. But never superior to them and it’s a fact.

Anamika : Is it like that? Have you done PhD on this topic? Ha Ha Ha .. .. It’s a matter of fact that women are soft, tender, and fragile and they need someone to care about.

Tanvi : May be, But why they should be superior in all aspects like in their earning, their intelligence and other fields too.. Don’t a woman cares a man being inferior to him? That’s your words .. huh..That’s your words .. huh..

Anamika : It’s not exactly like this. But it’s the NATURE since evolution took place. Even when you consider animals the male ones try to lure the female ones by proving they are the best, they are the strongest..

Tanvi : Yaa, very true. But we are human being. We have got a brain to think over. Don’t we???

Anamika : yeah.. sure, But what is your opinion?

Tanvi : May be upto some extent you are right. It can be genetic, deeply penetrated in our genes. Men are tough and aggressive & women are soft and caring. But when it comes to choosing a partner why parents go for a superior groom compared to bride? Why always man’s ego come in between?? Women also have ego……..

Anamika : That’s quite convincing. But what do you want to prove with this???

Tanvi : Just wanted to clarify, it’s NURTURE not nature that matters. We live in a society where since our birth we see such things and things around make our mind. We always see dominating man and if opposite happens there are conflicts..because that hurts man’s ego. Exceptions apart..
It’s the society, it’s the way we got nurtured by our parents , that makes our thinking. We think that better to accept it and lead a peaceful life. ….

Anamika : ohk.. dear. You are also right. But we were discussing about our dream boyz and landed here with NATURE or NURTURE debate. Let our readers decide whether its nature or nurture….


AlbelaKhatri.com said...

oh my god.......lovely
really so nice
i love it
--------------------keep it up

eye-in-sty-in said...

Liked the reasoning.... I agree with Anamika - Its the way nature has nurtured us since ages that defines the way our brains are wired to a large extent. Even if a girl wants to wear the pants in a relationship, she will somehow always feel more "satisfied" if her man takes charge! After all, She IS a woman and women deserve to be "protected"...

btw, what do you mean by "our readers?" are multiple people writing this blog?

Are you Tanvi or Anamika? :D

Suree said...

hey ..

good conversation...


Shayari said...

Hi Sahityika,

Hmm ya to a certain extent our up-bringing and values shape our thinking... Can relate to those girly talks:-)You love watching stars and the nite sky..?? Good hain!


@ albela khatri ji
thank you
keep visiting..

it might be possible that anamika seams more reasonable.. but tanvi is right too.. even with the changing world we are not able to change the mentality of ppl towards women..
by d way... U guess.. which one i m .. tanvi or anamika/?? :D

"our reader" implies for the readers of tanvi and anamika..

hey suree..hope u like this conversation.. thanx for u comment.. n keep visiting.. :)

@ shayari..
hey shayari.. you have opted a really nice name.. if some one can relate him/herself with ny of the poems or stories .. i think that is the greatest achievement for the writer.. n i wanna say thanx to u.. for honoring me ..
i love to see moon n stars.. n also like to chat with them.. do u like it too???

eye-in-sty-in said...

Since you ask me to guess instead of telling me the answer, my guess is that you are like Anamika :-)) Am I right?

satish kundan said...

ohh..it's really intersting post!i think tanvi is right.

Shayari said...

Hi Sahityika, it's my real name..all thanks to Papa :)
Ya, I love watching the cloudless night sky, though I don't chat with them ;-))

And gal you are tagged here,

sawan said...

quite an interesting discussion i shud say :) but do we have another option than nature or nurture?
On an emotional front i have to agree with Anamika. maybe not completely, but yes, she got a point. women are soft, tender, and fragile and they need someone to care about. but its not like a necessity - its more like a luxury they wud love to cherish. women, on the other hand, could be very very hard hitting, diplomatic, and successful wen necessary. so softness definitely not a trait thts embedded in the female species, they cud have a harder face than men wen need arise.
On a practical front, i do agree with Tanvi. there might be ego clases, but thing are changing. and evolution wud take its own course of time. you cant stand up one fine day and say tht u wana wear the trouser of the family. u wud be branded rude. its more of a psychological evolution thats happening now. equality is the mantra. men wants their better half to be equally serious about their own career. men want women to be successful in what ever they do. men give women a chance to take equal responsibilities in the family. its definitely a good sign. i only wish women grow up to the expectation and do justice to their life. even today i see girls who want to be a housewife even after twenty years of education! what a waste of knowledge!


u guessed anamika!!! may i ask why so?? by d way i m neither anamika nor tanvi. i m both.. :)
b/c a writer can't be one of them.. he/she have to be all of them. .. i m right??? :?

thanx for ur comment..
cn u tell why u think tht tanvi is right??
keep visiting..

@ shayari..
hey gal.. nice name.. huh..
by d way thanx tht u tagged me..

a heartfelt thanx to u..
that u read the post and analyzed it.. and gave ur precious thoughts..
that is what i expect from my visitors.. Actually i believe that if ur post can evoke ppl to think and then write what they think and believe is the victory of writer..
n in ur case i got that emotions out from heart to my comments.. :)
u r right in saying that .. Women are now taking equal responsibility at each and every front.. but still some where .. men's ego come in between .. by d way. the era will change n so the mentality..
keep visiting.. :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

You are right when you say a writer has to be both. But I'm talking to the person behind the writer. While a balanced view from you was expected, my question was to detect the 'slight' tilt in favor of Tanvi or Anamika.
PS: Its ok to take sides now, the political correctness is proven :-)

Arv said...

wat a debate... nature must thrive... one way or another....

take care mate... cheers...

rahul said...

really nice post..but I guess this ego thing ia a bit too antiquated, stereotypical in today's world!!

Krishanu said...

Post was exceptionally good. Realistic. And also the idea that nurture and nature make all the difference in the world.


chirag said...

very nice


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