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Friday, May 29, 2009

Unanswered Questions...

A room having a double bed, 1 wooden ward robe, a study table, so many books around, some on table, some on bed … . Tamanna having a pillow in her lap, hand on her chin, book on pillow, songs being played in mob. And a fascinating smile on her face with twinkling eyes.
She was thinking… smile on her face told that it was some thing very interesting, something which made her so happy.

“Oh dear! You know how much I miss you when I watch “ Mile Jab Hum Tum”. The story of Nupur and Mayank. The way Mayank stares at Nupur and when Nupur blushes, Oh god, I feel those emotions. I feel it’s me in place of Nupur and it’s you in place of Mayank. My heart starts beating faster. When I think of it, a smile comes on my face.

How much time I spend imagining you…. NO!! you and me.. fighting, walking, talking, having fun together and sometimes just eyes in eyes , in background a soft music. You and me on roof, walking, having hand in hand, my head on your shoulder. Just a thought of all these moments makes me smile, makes me happy. But when will all this happen?? When will u be near me? With me??
The song picturized on Rekha and amitabh of silsila movie come in mind..
Mai aur meri tanhai aksar ye baatein karte hai..tum hoti to kaisa hota..
Tum ye kahti tum wo kahti .. tum is baat per hairan hoti .. tum is baat per hasti.
Tum hoti to aisa hota.. tum hoti to vaisa hota..
Mai aur meri tanhai aksar ye baatein karte hai..
Am I wrong? If I m desperate to get you, to be with you? Some people don’t express their emotions, their desires and I say them , I express them, Is that my mistake?? Why at each and every point, at every work, at most of the moments, I want to tell you that what happened? Why I can keep on listening you hours and hours??
IS THIS YOU?? About whom I m thinking right now. Yes! It can be you and if it’s not you then???”
The smile vanished from the face of Tamanna.
“I love you, but I hate you too. I like you and dislike you too. Oh! I am so confused. What I want? I want you but why I think it’s not possible? I see you in my dreams and always see that you are around me but never with me. Why?? I can’t understand my dreams. I want to tell everything, But something inside me stops me. Oh god! What to do??
Eyes of tamanna filled with tears.
“I know there are so many things that you will never know and may be I will never show…. !”
Tamanna’s mom entered in the room. “ Beta,what happened?” Tamanna said( wiping her tears) “ no mom , nothing.”
Mom “ oh beta, don’t take this much tension of studies.”
Tamanna smiled and thought
“ Yes mom, I will not.But these unanswered questions, when will I get the answers?? May be never or may be someday or may be when again I will be thinking like this.. :) “

PS: some one came in ur mind while reading this post?? Are u smiling thinking of him/her. then u really like him/her.
and i caught u.. ha ha ha.. :P


Anonymous said...

noone z g0nna answer y0u .. d answers jus' u hav to find yourself !
may u gt what u want !

PULKIT said...

I guess so many of the people... watch this serial... It comes on star one na?

I dont watch this yaar... but gals of my class watch it with promptness daily :)

Arv said...

nice one... and yes it does the trick :)

Aditya said...

that was really cool post. yeah! it made me smile. well not because somebody came to my mind but...
Anyways , do visit my blog...



thanx dear..
i will try myself.. :)


yes dear..it comes on starone..
u too try it once. may be u will like too.. :D


who was she?? ha ha ha ..
by d way i m happy .. some one got into my trick.. :D


it made u smile.. may i knw why???

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

too filmy the first part proved.. and the you made me smilee.. and ps, not just one, 1..2..3.. came :D

Sneha said...

I must you r a born story teller.:)
Nice one and yes tricky too.;)

Ajita said...

It is agn a nice story...i must say...start a part time job of romantic story writer....u hav done a gr888 job...all da best

Priya said...

Sahityika , First time I visited your blog and cant stop myself to write comment.It's of full of all colours.... keep writing.

Rajeev R said...

There are so many TAMANNA's in this world. Every human is so different, yet so similar.....

I know of a fren, whose condition was equally as strange as TAMANNA....

I read ur train post as well...loved it, infact did put u on my blog roll that moment itself....how lucknow reminds one of someone...and here, how papaya flavored ice cream reminds Ranjit of someone..in the story...I wrote...similar emotions....

Keep posting more frequently...
I love ur approach....



it may be filmy.. but true.
by d way.. its amazing to knw.. nt one.. u got 3 girls in ur mind.. u need to concentrate buddy.. stop flirting.. :P


hey.. thnx dear..
this trick worked on u or not??
who was he??? :P


hey di.. thnx..
keep visiting..


thnx for compliment..


yes ..there r so many tamanna's.. by d way...it happens with boys n girls both..
n thnx for appreciation.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes you caught me!!! :D

chirag said...

yes they are the unanswered questions
and its difficult to answered them

post is very romantic in mid


hey tht's great..
so who is he?? :D


thanx dear..

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

:) :D :) i dont :D

Vinz said...



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