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Monday, August 3, 2009


Hello Tanmay.. were you sleeping??

Hello Tamanna… n..no.. was jus going to sleep.. what happened??

No, nothing.. aise hi..

What aise hi.. We talked a while ago.. n u called again.. any problem??

No, just wanted to ask something.

Yes Tamanna.. say.

Umm… Its so much easy to say things while you r drunk.. isn’t it??


You can say .. whatever you feel, whatever you want.. Without thinking that it can hurt someone. And then forget everything when you wake up next morning.

What to say yaar..

No need to say.. and then the person who is hurt lives with that pain, that agony. Each and every moment feels dismayed. But the person who did this doesn’t even know what he/she did?? Isn’t it??

Tamanna… Tamanna…
Tamanna’s mom called.. The thought process, the day dreaming crashed.. Tamanna realized .
Oh! I was thinking all this.. How much real this felt.
Why can’t I say this to him? Or I can say .. but why don’t I say?? Today after 15 min conversation when I cut the phone. Something pinched in my heart. But what?? I wanted to say something, which I don’t know. Those thoughts came in form of tears. Whatever he said he forgot.. but those small or big things keep on pinching my heart.. keep on hurting .. and he doesn’t know.. and he can never know.. n what if I tell him?? Will things change ?? NO .. NO..
Then what?? Tamanna kept thinking while walking on roof n watching moon.. Talking to moon .. Asking questions.. Answering them herself..

P.S. : Just a random thought. No starting, No end. Just some feelings.. And please suggest a title for this post..
Hey friends.. i am soon going to leave my home town and going for job. So I m busy in preparations and not getting time to visit ur blogs. As soon as i will get time, will surely come to ur blogs. Till then keep in touch n keep visiting.. :)
love u all.. :)
Happy friendship day to u all.. :)


Sneha said...

"maun mai baatien".:)

happy friendship day to you too.:)

All the best for the job.
take care.:)

Hopeless Romantic said...

happy friendship day, belated one!

all the best for the job....tk care!


Mayz said...

i really liked d thot process in d post...

all d best for ur job :)

Arv said...

interesting thought... the answers change based on the situation though... :)

take care mate... cheers...

विवेक सिंह said...

फोटो अच्छा लगा !

Pallav said...

all the est for the job n happy friendship day...

good thought..

दिगम्बर नासवा said...

अच्छा फोटो hai......

paramveer said...

"batein ankahi si......."....
best of luck!!!
hope to see you soon

महामंत्री - तस्लीम said...

Nice post, Nice blog.
-Zakir Ali ‘Rajnish’
{ Secretary-TSALIIM & SBAI }

Priya said...

Hey Sahityika ....... watever u said .....it's good...this kind of communication we all do with our inner-self ...As I said earlier u r a natural writer... no artificial things seems in ur writing & about title " Random Thought " as u mentioned in last lines.

well... go ahead & do best on ur part in life.



eye-in-sty-in said...

good luck with the job! Where will u be going and from where?

HaRy!! said...

hloz...just new here :) random thoughts? how abt that one! anyways as i read thought there shud be a definite ending...good write up though...tak care..blogrolled yu:)

H a R y

aleem azmi said...

nice very nice keep it up
God bless u

numerounity said...

Hmmm.. you can call it just- Tammana or kuch tammana aisi bhi!

All the best for new job!

Nidzzi said...

loved the post.
made me thoughtful
if somethgin pinches us when teh other person says whn he is drunk hw r we suppose to react.
they say nt to listen to drunkard they talk crap. but wht every they talk its dil se.
hw could he say "sorry i didnt mean to say all tht" whn thts wht is in his heart.
how do we make those guy see tht we were hurt. we cant show the tears cuz of love. we dnt want to see them hurt showing our tears, it wil make us week,

wht to do??

Nidzzi said...

all the best fr ur job.
and pls change my blog link.
its moved to

Drunk with the thought in ur blog roll.

see ya again

Indrajit said...

All the best. :)

N keep writing and smiling.

Harshita said...

All the best for the new beginning... :)

Post was random and beautiful..

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

amazing writeup sahityika ..

very thoughtfully written and every line is speaking ....



pls read my new poem "झील" on my poem blog " http://poemsofvijay.blogspot.com


@ sneha

Thanx dear. .:)


@ amit
thank you..

ur previous DP was better .. :)


@ Arv
yes.. answers differ person to person n situation to situation..


@ vivek ji

chaliye aapko kuch to pasand aaya.. :)


@ pallav
thanx yaar..

@ digambar nasava ji

:) :)


@ paramveer

i will try to come back soon.. :)

mahamantri taslim

thnx for visiting my blog..


@ priya

thanx for suggestion.. i think thts d right option.. :)
keep visiting..


@ spike
thnx yaar..
i m going frm gwalior to bangalore.. :)


@ harry

hey thnx..
thnx for suggestiong name..
keep visiting.. :)


@ aleem azami

Thank you

@ Numerounity

yes tht cn also be an option..
thnx .. :)


@ Nidzzi

hey thnx
frm u comment i felt tht u have gone through this..
u r cent percent right...
wht to believe.?? things which they say after they r drunk or whn they r not/?
he he he..



@ Indrajit

thank you

@ harshita

Thank you di.. :)


@ vijay kumar ji

thank you vijay ji
i will try to visit ur blog as soon as i will get time.. :)

sawan said...

Wo, nice one sweets. title: Entangled thoughts.

All the very best for ur job dear. do give me ur contact details once u settle down. take care.

abhi said...

Hi Its a nice post

sangam ''karmyogi'' said...

"दिल की बात को जुबान पे लाना कभी-कभी मुश्किल हो जाता है..
पर हालात और ख़राब तब हो जाते हैं जब हमें मालूम ही नै रहता...की हमारे दिल में है क्या..?
कुछ लोग जानना ही नहीं चाहते,की दिल में है क्या...तो कुछ जान कर भी अनजान बनते हैं..
शायद इस इंसानी फितरत और बीमारी को प्यार कहते हैं.."
जिसे आपने अपनी इस रचना में बखूबी साबित किया है..!
बहुत खूब...!!

Suman said...


Little Girl Lost said...

hello sahityika... is that you real name?

what a lovely blog you have here..i liked it very much. will keep coming back for more.

thank you for visiting me. i posted today, pls come and see. and if u liked my blog pls become a follower so that i can share with u whenever i write.

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

all the best for the job..and your story made me remember something..


Disguise said...

Aw :)

Sourav !!! said...

Belated friendship day :)

You got a lovely blog out here, wonder how I wasn't ever here :)

In love with me and life

Blogrolling and following you know :) .. be sure to find me more here !! And yeah you need to join back too (if you don't wanna get sued) :P

Take care and blessings !

Anonymous said...

Hey, its a bit too late..
but happy frndship day nevertheless..

and nice thoughts..you really know what they think when in mood...and you really know how to pen them down..

now following you..
visit mine sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

if the guy doesnt kno wat was she talking about then he was lying ..(in your thoughts yes guy can even lie in gals thoughts) .. he knew wat she wanted to talk about .. he was jst pushing her..

Sweet dreams..


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