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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dooriyan (The Distance)

So this is all about caching. Now let’s make a program. Shall I continue?? Yes, now open …………….
I can’t listen any more. Feeling sleepy. Eyes being closed. No control at all. Can’t listen what mam is telling. Every word collide my ear and faded away. Everything became gloomy. I just can’t concentrate in class. That is what always happens with me.
Hey Tamnna, wake up yaar. Let’s solve these online quizzes.
I said: ok let’s try.
So this is the answer. Click it.
Yes, it’s right. But why I don’t know?? Felt unhappy.
1 and half hour extra after class. Solving quiz because exam is just few days away. Immense tension.
Hey Bharath, my head is paining. This pain na.. wont leave me. What to do??
Don’t worry Tamnna. Go home and take medicines.

Back at home.
Hey Divi, I m going to sleep. Still having headache.
Trying to sleep. After few hours…
My head started paining too hard. Just at a single point in my head, it felt like some one was hammering and I can’t do any thing. I woke up and got sited on my bed.
Oh god! What to do?? What’s happening with me? I just can’t tolerate this pain?
Felt like vomiting. Went to bathroom. Stomach twisted. Whole body started paining.
Immense pain.
I can’t tolerate this pain. My roomie is sleeping I can’t disturb her.
So many dreadful thoughts in mind.
Will it be possible for me to see this morning??
What will happen with my roomie if something goes wrong?
How will mamma papa feel?
Please god, help me to overcome this pain.

Finally after having a pain relief I got some rest. Next day I went to see doctor and he told me that I got migraine.
Oh god! How can this happen to me??

I told mamma, when I was ok. Thought of calling her that night. But what was the use??

On 16th oct, I had my exam n guess what??
I flunked just by margin of 3 marks. While coming out of examination room I felt nothing. I called mom and started crying.
21st is the retest. I have to prepare for that.
Back to my room, I am not able to control my emotions. Talking to my friend and crying.
Got a call from papa.
Hey betu! How are you? Don’t take tension. We are always with you.
Haa papa! I am ok. No problem. (still crying, but wont let him know.)

Next day, got a message from mummy. (When things go beyond your capabilities have faith in god’s grace.)
What new in that message?? But tears started falling. How much they care for me?
How much tense they are because of me?
Oh God! Please do some thing. I don’t want to be a reason of there tension. While thinking all this I wrote a poem. Hope it must be significant for all of you.

Dooriya bahut kuch sikha deti hai..
Gum ko chhipana aur jhoota khush hona sikha deti hai..
Ek kaante ki chubhan per rone wale ko..
Badi chot per bhi muskurana sikha deti hai..
Zindagi ka dastoor yun hi chalta rahta hai..
Zindagi yu hme bada hona sikha deti hai..
Pass rah kar jinko naa samjha apna..
Door rah kar unki mehtta bata deti hai..
Yu bahut kuch dikha kar dooriya hame..
Zindagi zeena sikha deti hai..

So this is the way. How life changes.. :)


Tan said...

I know such times when nothing seems to be happening right and then, we feel we are inside a bottle and the cap cannot be removed - as if we wait for someone to come and uncork the bottle and let us out - that someone is GOD!! So, have faith - things will be good again :)

And for your writing... the way you wrote is the way most of college goers in India think/speak... I would like to see a better conversation - I know, English can be brought down as you may, but then, at times, it feels boring to read what(how) we speak... I am sure you would agree with me, darling...

Keep writing as you always do...
Take care
Thanks for sharing :)

aleem azmi said...

Dooriya bahut kuch sikha deti hai..
Gum ko chhipana aur jhoota khush hona sikha deti hai..

Arv said...

Intense :)

अभिषेक प्रसाद 'अवि' said...

I m speechless...

dooriyaan humein jeena sikha deti hai... bas aisi hi kuchh jindagi sabhi ji rahe hai...

trust on urself and ur loved ones... everything will be fine only...

Anonymous said...

lovely di..!

Priya said...

yeah Sahitiyika It's significant.but you know these little incident becomes experience of life......keep writing.

अक्षय-मन said...

दूरियां मे मुझे जिन्हें नजदीकियां दिखती हैं जो दिल को एक ऐसे एहसास से जोड़ देती हैं जो आसमानी हो जिसपर कोई झूठ का बादल अपना अस्तित्व न बना पाए....अगर वो दूरियां वो एहसास तुम रखते हो तो वही एक पवित्र बंधन है.......आपकी रचना बहुत अच्छी और प्रभावशाली है.....

माफ़ी चाहूंगा स्वास्थ्य ठीक ना रहने के कारण काफी समय से आपसे अलग रहा

अक्षय-मन "मन दर्पण" से

Gaurav Bahare said...

Behatreen !!!

psingh said...


Parul said...

very nice


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